Start With the End in Mind

When we think about cultivating relationships that promote success and the ability to live life to its fullest, ironically, it is not our business partner or lover, or best friend that we begin with. It is the relationship with ourselves, or who we normally turn to last that ultimately determines the course of our lives, which in term affects our relationship with others.

In the past five years, I want you to think of what your expendable income has gone to; more specifically, how much of that income was spent on personal growth and development? Frankly, even while the personal growth and development industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, the majority of the population considers spending money on 'being a better person' to be a frivolous 'luxury' expense and is the first on the chopping block when money is tight.

What has the return been on the other luxuries you deemed more appropriate to spend your time and energy on? How have those purchases significantly altered your way of living, thinking, relating to others? Okay, let's talk about something you can relate to. How much income has your investment in those luxuries given back to you?

People who do put personal growth and constant personal improvement as a necessary tool for the betterment of their lives, race past those of us who play it safe, spending our dollars appropriately on items that do not produce change, personal fulfillment or peace of mind.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What personal finish lines are you struggling to cross? As your coach, I can help you set the pace that will help you propel yourself and your goals over that finish line called Mastery! Until next time, may you have success in your relationships and live your life with all of the joy and passion you deserve!

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What my clients say

"She always checks in with me even when it's not a session. I feel really confident in going forward because of that and that's something new when it comes to counseling. Even though I just started, I feel that counseling is something I'm really going to stick to this time because of Barbara."

"Barbara has been extremely supportive and kind. I would recommend her to someone seeking a great listener, an encouraging voice and a partner in healing."

"Barbara is a great great listener and she has a positive vibe."

"Mrs. Barb so far has been great on understanding our problems and helping us work them out she is very respectful and listens."

"Barbara is thoughtful, smart, and a great listener. She summarizes my thoughts concisely and offers practical solutions as well as ways to reframe my thought process. Highly recommend."

"Barbara takes time with us and does not try to rush the process. She follows up each session with her own notes and assigns actions which is quite helpful. Still on the journey but better than when we started for sure. Thank you Barbara."

"Partners By Design has raised my standards and beliefs about what I believe is possible for me. I am thrilled, because the direct result of my coaching is that I am THE top producer in my company, consistently producing $45,000+ over my monthly quota. Needless to say, my employers are grateful to Partners By Design as well! Any company who wants to have employees empowered to produce at the level that I now enjoy needs to RUN, not walk in hiring Partners By Design today!"

"Barbara has been a light in a seemingly endless dark tunnel for me. She is able to read between the lines and offer objective solutions to problems I didn't have the strength to come up with on my own, then supports me and helps me build that strength for future uses."

"Barbara has been an incredible source of support. She has always approach our time together kindness and compassion, while suspending judgement. Barbara is able to gently challenge me in a growth fostering way and encourages me to see things from different perspectives. I am so grateful for her."

"When I reached out to Barbara I was in a very dark place. She was kind, warm and completely sympathetic to what I was experiencing and provided a safe place for me to share. She is incredibly knowledgeable and provided tools and feedback which helped me to not only heal but thrive. With her guidance and utilizing the tools provided, I was able to work through my trauma and I feel better now than I have in my entire life.
Overall, I cannot speak more highly of Barbara, she is the best and I cannot thank her enough."

"Barbara is a kind listener and offers help on how to make my life exactly what I want it to be."

"Barbara is caring and kind. She listens to me and is very objective. I would recommend her as a counselor!"

"Barbara counseled my husband and I as our marriage was in unbelievably bad shape. She gave us the skills and tools to communicate better. We now understand each other's communication style and can constructively work through conflict when or if it arises. We are incredibly happy in our marriage now and I am so glad we decided to work with Barb! Overall, I cannot speak more highly of Barbara, she is the best and I cannot thank her enough."

"Just started with Barb. I appreciate her demeanor and wisdom. She feels like a loving and wise Aunt. She listens and offers great feedback. She truly seems to care. I am looking forward to working with her to continue creating a better life for me and my family."

"She is great! She is an amazing partner to have for this journey!"

"Barbara is a wonderful person. She has helped me with many issues I am tackling in only a few short weeks. After our sessions, I gain a lot of insight and clarity that I wouldn't have found anywhere else. I previously scheduled an urgent session and she was more than accommodating towards my needs. I am thankful for Barbara Blocker and her professional, courteous, and insightful guidance."

"Barbara is a warm and welcoming person. She gives sound advice and gently challenges you. She keeps her appointments and is very responsive over the messenger. I never feel judged or uncomfortable in our sessions and feel that she wants to help you become your best."

"Deciding to Partner with Barbara has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time! Through the coaching sessions we have had, I have gained a true understanding of how valuable a coach can be. She challenges me to keep a clear focus on where I am going personally and professionally, and help me see things from different perspectives. I truly admire and appreciate her knowledge, wisdom, and life experience. Coaching with Barbara has opened many avenues with my business and personal life. Thanks Partners By Design!"

"Barbara is a great listener. She makes me extremely comfortable to discuss things and I do not feel judged. I always look forward to our sessions."

"Barbara is thoughtful, smart, and a great listener. She summarizes my thoughts concisely and offers practical solutions as well as ways to reframe my thought process. Highly recommend."

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