Individual Coaching

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You have successfully moved through painful emotions that have held you back for so long, or you are simply ready for the next step, to ramp up your 'game' and experience all you can from life. That is where I come in. As your coach, I will be working with you to define your future goals, in relationships, your health and your career, and helping you craft the life of your dreams, that reflect your love of life, your passions, your purpose.

I want that for you. I found that my joy and passion is sharing a collaborative relationship with people seeking change, and supporting them to pull out all the stops. Along the way, I provide support and insight as I help you understand how your thoughts and beliefs define your future. I help you to change your thinking, so that you open up exponentially what is possible.

I hold you accountable as you define, create and implement the action steps needed, creating a detailed map of success and mastery on your path towards realizing your vision.

We'll work on helping you determine what you want and need. We'll build a roadmap that will direct you to your goal completions in the following areas:


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What my clients say

"Deciding to Partner with Barbara has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time! Through the coaching sessions we have had, I have gained a true understanding of how valuable a coach can be. She challenges me to keep a clear focus on where I am going personally and professionally, and help me see things from different perspectives. I truly admire and appreciate her knowledge, wisdom, and life experience. Coaching with Barbara has opened many avenues with my business and personal life. Thanks Partners By Design!"

"Partners By Design has raised my standards and beliefs about what I believe is possible for me. I am thrilled, because the direct result of my coaching is that I am THE top producer in my company, consistently producing $45,000+ over my monthly quota. Needless to say, my employers are grateful to Partners By Design as well! Any company who wants to have employees empowered to produce at the level that I now enjoy needs to RUN, not walk in hiring Partners By Design today!"

"Barbara has been an incredible source of support. She has always approach our time together kindness and compassion, while suspending judgement. Barbara is able to gently challenge me in a growth fostering way and encourages me to see things from different perspectives. I am so grateful for her."

"Barbara is caring and kind. She listens to me and is very objective. I would recommend her as a counselor!"

"When I reached out to Barbara I was in a very dark place. She was kind, warm and completely sympathetic to what I was experiencing and provided a safe place for me to share. She is incredibly knowledgeable and provided tools and feedback which helped me to not only heal but thrive. With her guidance and utilizing the tools provided, I was able to work through my trauma and I feel better now than I have in my entire life.
Overall, I cannot speak more highly of Barbara, she is the best and I cannot thank her enough."

From the comfort of your own home, I work with individuals and couples all over the world. I use a private and encrypted messaging platform that provides voice, video and texting from any location via the Internet.

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